Kettlebells are probably lethal weapons, and you should approach them with extreme caution.

I almost knocked myself out doing kettlebell swings.

It was only my second time using one. The first time I used an extremely light weight to practice. But on this particular occasion, the coach told me to use 16 kg. Because the amount of weight was much different than I was expecting, I gave it an overzealous swing.  The kettlebell got stuck over my head and I had to do this awful maneuver to avoid knocking myself out.

Kettlebells have also been known to fly across the room like cannonballs if you aren’t careful about sweat minimization.

There is a lesson hidden in all of this, and that lesson is that kettlebells are probably lethal weapons, and you should be careful around them.

**Just a heads up that I’m doing some blog reconstruction over the next few days.  I am hoping to get some tabbed categories and fix some of the layout issues.**


This is probably a silly problem to have.

My ‘shift’ key is officially out of commission.   I have to manually hit capslock to start each sentence, so this entry may be really short.  Also it will probably seem very composed and business-like, because I can’t use the exclamation points or anything to depict excitement, so you’ll  just have to add your own voice inflection   to make it more audibly appealing.

Being a first time parent comes with a lot of trial and error.  Calming a crying baby takes a lot of guesswork. You can offer bottles, naps, cuddles, bounce-walking, bounce-dancing, Phil Collins, anything.  But sometimes the most obvious methods do not work.

Sometimes, the only thing that will work is allowing said baby to clench your finger in his tiny fist, while rocking him on the porch swing, and monotone-chanting ‘The Wassail song’  from the Chipmunks Christmas album over and over, because you  blurted out the first song that popped into your head and, miraculously, it worked.  And now you are afraid to stop, and so you continue to sing it in a hushed voice for twenty minutes straight.

Where was I…insert question mark here because I can’t do it without a shift key.  I would also make this parenthetical, but I can’t use the parentheses either.

Well, that is all for now.



Whilst running, I was attacked by a bear.

Well, not really.  But sort of.

I was breezing through my usual route when suddenly I felt bear claws raking down the back of my arm.  There are few things more fearful and distressing than being attacked by a large predator while running.

But when I whipped around armed with my mace canister which I haven’t fully figured out how to operate,  I realized I had actually brushed into a large recycle bin filled with an abundance of tree branches.  Why someone would try to recycle their amputated tree limbs-masquerading-as-grizzly-bears  is beyond me.

The point is, you never know what terrible foes you will confront upon your run.  Even if those foes turn out to be inanimate objects.

I think I was going somewhere with this, but now I am not so sure.

Also, I realize that you aren’t supposed to vanish from the Blogosphere  for over 20 days and then come back only to post about being attacked by tree branches.  My blogging resources tell me I need to be more consistent.

Based upon this premise, I intend to implement a  two-times per week posting schedule.  Promise!  🙂



It’s all about perspective. And Jello Monsters.

It seems kind of silly to get all excited about running two miles without stopping.  But here I am, brimming with excitement!

The thing is– getting back into shape after having a baby can take some real focus.  Some people have an easy time with it, others have to work for it.  I fall into the latter category!


Aren’t they a great color?  I may or may not have searched the Internet far and wide for the perfect shoe.


In other news….last weekend I made these wonderful jello pinwheels:  They are the perfect picnic food.

When I was taking this photograph the camera said, “Blink Detected.”   (I keep imagining this Jello-monster lurking in my 8X8 pan)

007 jellomonster

After refrigerating for an hour, the marshmallows rise to the top of the Jello.

You then peel out the jello,  create logs and slice into pinwheels!  Voila!  Brightly colored picnic snack!

010  012

Hope you are having a GREAT Tuesday!!




Hi. I’m Sarah.  This is my first blog entry!  I’m going to explain how the existence of this blog is a metaphor for “grabbing life by the horns” in a moment– (or something like that).

Here I am.  With an armful of puppies.



I have wanted to create a blog for several years, but I found myself waffling over many factors.  What would I write about?  What would the title be?  These questions plagued me every time I opened WordPress.  There were many failed attempts– nights spent staring at the blinking cursor.  I was overcome by a sea of conflicted feelings.  Emptiness filled my soul.

But you know what?  If I waited for the perfect blog title to come to me, I would be waiting for a very long time.  There is a lesson here, and that lesson is: Follow your dreams. Grab life by the horns.  Unless the horns are attached to an angry rhino, in which case you shouldn’t grab them. In fact, you should just run in the other direction.

Anyway.  I just wanted to clarify that “Run Like a Dinosaur” does not mean that you should imitate the running form and stride of a dinosaur. There are many different types of dinosaurs and this would be difficult and/or impossible to accomplish. What it means is that you should run with the fearless mentality of a dinosaur.  A dinosaur is never afraid.  A dinosaur goes after its goals and accomplishes them.

If this blog was a video game character, it would be Level 0.  I have a lot of leveling to do, because:

  • My fitness journey is just beginning! I’m a new mommy and am just getting back into shape!
  • The layout is kind of crappy because I drew the dinosaurs using MS Paint.
  • My blog has no focus because I can’t think of any one thing I want to write about!  *Details*

Hope you stick around– but if not that is okay too!